DARE – How these young creatives found the courage to look in a new direction.

In 2021, director Silvia Tonelli joined NoOx founders on their trip to Senegal. She documented their journey through the Senegalese music industry and showcased their talent across various languages.


Reflecting on Italy’s relationship with race through the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Risorgimento.

Zoe, the producer of the UNLEARN series, wonders if Italians embrace diversity and accept others. She asks this question to encourage unlearning of stereotypes, starting with her first guests..


Global Italian Studies

At the intersection of Italian diaspora and world culture


An interactive e-learning space that creates fun, engaging, informative experiences!
This learning hub is designed to stimulate your imagination, improve critical thinking and connection to others. A rich array of resources, including reading materials, social media content, audio and video, personal testimonies, interactive games, and downloadable materials! Ideal for Global Studies, Italian Studies, and learners of Italian.

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